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   Family & Spiritual Counseling


Spiritual counseling begins with “Knowing thyself. When one knows who they are they are more likely to know their purpose: which enable them to be their bother/sister keeper. Everyone needs to be counseled from time to time even religious as well as political leaders have their own consuls.

The ESP Tribal Foundation offers a wide array of spiritual counseling for our leaders, ministers and most of all, family.


With the divorce rate in America being over 50%, there is a need to bring back our family based upon ancient principles. Families have a hard time unifying if the husband and wife are not one and children are caught in between. At times when crisis arises regardless of what the cause is, we help families realize their true potential and create opportunities to promote growth within the family unit. In order to create a great society, we have to start with the family.



An Economic, Spiritual & Political                         


Indigenous Tribal Jurisconsultus Trust