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We are a dynamic, full-service Tribal Jurisconsultus that provides a wide range of comprehensive Jurisconsulting services. The ESP Tribal Foundation, Trust J​urisconsultus provides personal advice, feedback, and information to help you access, confirm, and enhance your current plans whether it being economic, spiritual or political. We show you how to enhance your life, start your own business or provide you with the best of resources saving you time and money; so that you can discover, evaluate new opportunities, and acquire new ideas.​..........More



​The ESP Tribal Foundation, Trust mission is to change the world through the Spiritual Ancient Principles of truth, justice, harmony, balance, order, reciprocity, and propriety in the lives of all Indigenous People, and to help build the old waste places, with love, truth, peace, freedom and justice...........More


At The ESP Tribal Foundation, our Jurisconsultus are totally committed to excellence in a professional, creative and timely manner. We have a long-standing commitment to bringing cost-effective solutions to complex matters. We value our reputation for service and quality.



​The ESP Tribal Foundation, Trust Authorize Representative's, Officer's and all acting agents of The ESP Tribal Foundation, trust are not BAR Esquire or member of the BAR nor do we have a License to practice Law in the Courts of the United States, Several States and Union States.


Our authority to help diversity of people derived from the Constitution of Lenapehoking Nation as Divine Tribal government political body.


Our ability to consult, explain, evaluate, assist, offer advice in a private action, claim, affairs pertaining to commerce is protected, secure within the guidelines of International Law under the Pam Am Convention, Organization of American States, United Nation Constitution and the Declaration of Rights of the Indigenous People with the United States of the America on December 16, 2010 agreeing...........More


An Economic, Spiritual & Political                         


Indigenous Tribal Jurisconsultus Trust